Charity Terms of Use


These terms and conditions must be accepted before any campaign will be posted

 Affirmative Action / Non-Discrimination Policy

 Agencies are required to abide by all applicable state and federal laws.

 Agencies are to adopt and maintain an affirmative action program and non-discrimination statement that fulfills the requirements set forth by

state and federal laws.

Any Reference to VCR also includes RCC and vice versa to the extent necessary.

We understand that VCF has complete authority over the acceptance of any proposed campaign and agree that we have no actionable basis for a claim against VCF if it decides for any reason to not accept a proposal.

 We (insert name of charity or service organization sponsoring request)  hereby affirm to Valley Community Fund that we are an approved charity or recognized service organization, the description of the  proposed campaign is accurate  and that we will use the funds for the purposes set for in the campaign  description.

 We agree to hold Valley Community Fund harmless from any claims against Valley Community Fund based on any alleged false claim of charitable status, misinformation posted in the campaign description or our use of the funds originated directly or indirectly through the website.

 We agree that terms and conditions and other information contained in this site is a best efforts basis and agree to abide by them.

 We hereby provide permission for VCF to use our name, logo and other public information and nonpublic information provided by us during this campaign and subsequent to the campaign for such purposes as VCF deems fit.

 We understand that VCF may need banking information in order to transfer funds to us, and may need this information each time a transfer is made because VCF does not intend to store this information in order to increase security. We understand that VCF may request that we communicate information directly to bank personnel at VCF’s bank in order to increase the security of our banking information.  We agree to hold VCF harmless from any misuse of this information by banking personnel or hackers during these transactions, and affirm that VCF is making a best effort to maintain security of our information.

We understand that we may request a paper check or bank check and that such a request will result in an extra deduction from amounts donors have designated for us because of the additional work for VCF personnel.

 We understand that VCF may request via the engagement letter a fee directly from us for additional special services: that such fee may be fixed or variable in nature; and that such fee is a marketing expense and it shall not be construed as a “professional fund raising fee”. Such services might include substantial campaign design, priority posting of the support campaign on the VCF home page and priority posting of the support campaign in any section of the website, additional payments other than monthly or in VCF’s discretion.

 We accept that other than agreed priority posting that VCF has complete control over the level and order of posting of campaigns and that we have no cause for action and hold VCF harmless from claims by us of unsatisfactory posting.

 We agree to cooperate with VCF in management of the campaign and add and that we must agree to provide individual campaign information prior to it being posted on the website.

 We provide complete and accurate information regarding the campaign, we will review the posted campaign for accuracy and completeness and provide VCF with suggested improvements and correction; and hold VCF harmless from claims by us of incomplete or inaccurate information.

 At all times prior to the actual transmission of funds to you the funds are the sole property of Valley Community Fund, (VCF) provides no guarantee of any sort that a campaign will actually raise funds.

 Electronic signatures and transmittals  are binding.


You agree that

  1. You will inform your network of the campaign via email blasts, posting on your Facebook page, inserting our logo a note and website link on your web page generally as follows
  2.   We are supported by RotaryClubCharities                        Income Tax Deductible Charitable Giving
  3.  Notifying your contacts of your association of with VCF helps to build your potential donor network because all charities do the same thereby building the potential donor network for you.
  4. Once a donor or any other party which might be ascribed to you contacts VCF that information regarding such contact is the property of VCF and VCF’s usage of that contact information is at the absolute discretion of VCF.
  5. If at any time VCF should determine in its sole judgement that the campaign is defective in any manner VCF may correct the defect or terminate the campaign.



We also affirm acceptance of GENERAL TERM