Donor Terms of Use

I (We) support the concept of an internet portal to allow charities to potentially reach a large number of donors who might otherwise not be aware of them and their charitable activities. Valley Community Fund is a program of Valley Community Loan Fund Inc., a New Hampshire Charity which received its nonprofit 501c3 designation from the IRS in 2014.


You acknowledge and accept that RCC is the recipient of funds that you give and that it will issue you a receipt suitable for filing your income tax return. Your designated charity if there is one or several will not issue a receipt and in fact is prohibited by us from doing so in order to maintain the integrity of income tax information.

 We acknowledge and accept that RCC incurs significant costs in order to verify the nonprofit status of proposed recipient charities or service organizations. This procedure protects the charitable intent of all donations and the charitable nature of payments to charities and thereby provides a significant service to us as donors. We acknowledge VCF incurs costs to provide this service maintain the security of all payments by us and to the charities and that such security is important to us

 We understand and accept that our donation will bear a credit card fee charged by processors of approximately three percent. We also understand that in order to provide this service Valley Community Fund incurs costs of budgeted at less than fifteen percent of  the donated amount. The expenses are supported by voluntary contributions by donors and that as provided by law and common charitable practices VCF will reduce the amounts donated to cover VCF expanses. We understand that verification of the recipient charity’s tax exempt status is important to donors and to the fund.

 We understand and accept that RCC has no control over the recipient charity and cannot guarantee the club will use the funds as intended in the campaign description. RCC works directly with the charity to obtain assurances that they are an approved charity and the funds will be used as described in the campaign poster.

 We understand and accept that the campaign may not reach its intended goal and that in such cases the Fund intends and we hereby agree to disbursement of such funds as are obtained to the charity(ies) involved.

 We understand and accept that RCC offers only a best efforts level of assurance. We understand that RCC has expenses to operate this service including: verification of the charitable or service organization status of the proposed recipient; verification of the charitable, educational and humanitarian nature of the proposed campaign and other due diligence matters for which it offers no guarantee of any sort and instead only offers a best reasonable efforts assurance and that this assurance is satisfactory to us.

 We understand and accept that RCC board of directors includes persons who are associated with other charities, which VCF considers important for the expertise that they provide. This membership may result in potential conflicts of interest which RCC is sensitive to. We do not preclude the affiliated charities from use of the services. Those charities may use the services under the same term of use available to all charities. RCC endeavors to ascertain that affiliated charities or service organizations do not receive more favorable treatment than other non-affiliated charities. RCC maintains conflict of interest policies which are common to other nonprofits

 We also affirm acceptance of the GENERAL TERMS OF USE