Engagement Letter

ENGAGEMENT LETTER VCF in it's absolute discretion reserves the right to amend this letter and any of its terms and conditions. 

Please note that proposal of a campaign and agreement to have it posted constitutes an acceptance of these terms.

This will confirm our understanding of the background, terms and objectives of our fund raising activities intended to benefit you and the nature and limitations of the services we will provide. The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office requires that we have a written agreement with you to raise funds intended to benefit you. Clicking the “I accept” button constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions as a contract.

We will perform the following services:

Post a Campaign for funding solicitation on our website that is intended to benefit the your Campaign.

Receive donations from the public via our website that are intended to benefit the Campaign.

Periodically gift and transmit funds to you for use in the activities set out in the Campaign.

In connection with the Campaign we will perform certain due diligence functions and Campaign preparation and editing activities which in our sole judgment are necessary for the Campaign.

We agree that you may run any broad based campaign other than the one on this site you wish while we have a Campaign supporting you running on our website. We philosophically hope for maximum contributions to you from all sources..

We agree that you may manage payroll deduction campaigns with employers even if we have payroll deduction campaigns with the same employer..

Electronic signatures and emails are treated as authentic binding documents..

Funds are property of RCC/VCF until distributed to you even though the Campaign is intended to benefit you and your program.

At all times prior to the actual transmission of funds to you that the funds are the sole property of Valley Community Fund.

You agree that:

You will use the funds generally as set forth in any Campaign description

You will make every effort to assure that the Campaign description is accurate and not misleading in any material respect..

VCF/RCC may use your name, logo, trademarks, pictures, descriptions of your activities and other information otherwise proprietary to you in campaigns intended to benefit charitable activities you provide,.

You agree that all donor information that VCF collects from donors is the property of VCF/RCC even if that donor is one who has contributed directly to you..

VCF/RCC  provides no guarantee of any sort that a campaign will actually raise funds.

You have no right in fact or law against VCF?RCC so long as it is acting in good faith regarding campaigns..

You will cooperate with VCF/RCC  during the Campaign.


You will inform your network of the Campaign via email blasts to your donors and other network colleagues of the Campaign posting on your website and Facebook page inserting our logo, a note that VCF supports you and a website link to us on your web page. You will copy us on your email outreach efforts..

You agree that notifying your contacts of your association of with VCF helps to build your potential donor network because all charities do the same thereby building the potential donor network for you.

If at any time VCF should determine in its sole judgement that the Campaign is defective in any manner VCF may correct the defect or terminate the Campaign,

You will not send income tax deduction acknowledgements to any individual donor who made gifts to VCF.

This agreement does not constitute a partnership, co-venturer or agency agreement and that you will not claim such a relationship exists and we both agree to defend each other against such claims..

You will provide us with a copy of your IRS 501c3 designation letter (if applicable) and other information we may ask for to facilitate the Campaign-.

You agree that we have complete rights to perform any due diligence we may wish and you will cooperate with those efforts.

VCF/RCC  has control over timing of disbursements to you considering items such as campaign goal, relative amount available, length of accumulation process and planned campaign end date.

You agree that all VCF/RCC  funds will be used in compliance with all applicable anti- terrorist financing and asset control laws, statutes and executive orders.

.You agree that you shall not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, or disability with respect to employment, housing, volunteer participation or the provision of services.

You agree that you have and practice statutory conflict of interest policies. Describe any conflict of interest matters or say none.

Our costs of providing these services are absorbed by voluntary contributions by donors and allocation of expenses to contributions as is common in most charities and is allowed by law.  There is usually no up-front payment for work performed to prepare the Campaign.

You accept the fact that VCF/RCC intends to conduct its operations as is reasonable for a fiduciary and it's best efforts in regard to operations including in unusual circumstances such as death or disability of the founder  ( he is 74) constitute acceptable standards of conduct.

Below  is a list of due diligence items customarily requested  based on our appreciation of the work you do.

 We shall be pleased to discuss this letter with you at any time and appreciate the opportunity to serve you and trust that our association will be a long and pleasant one.

If the foregoing is in accordance with your understanding, please click the “I accept” button below. 

I accept



List of Due Diligence items:

Provide a list of your directors and short background descriptions for each

Do any directors have substantial financial experience

Do you have an audit committee

Are there any conflicts of interest

Provide copy of any regulatory actions – or state none

How long have you been a 501c3

Please submit a copy of your 501c3 designation letter

Please send a copy of your agreement with United Way, if any

Please send a copy of the resume of the chief executive

Financial information

Copy page one of form 990

Copy of expenditures detail from form 990

Copy of balance sheets from form 990

Copy of internal financial reporting showing program expenses especially budget to actual


VCF in its absolute discretion reserves the right to delete, modify or add any due diligence item to this list as part of its responsibility to the public,