How it works

The purpose of RotaryClubCharities© 

 is to increase charitable giving to activities directed toward improving the economic and social conditions of low, moderate income and under-served community members on a federal income tax deductible basis. VCF uses this site for its own funding needs, sponsorship of capital campaigns for specific charitable capital projects and for sponsorship of campaigns for any approved charity or service organization activity. This site can be used for international funding campaigns. We prefer that these campaigns be sponsored by US 501c3 entities or well known service organizations. Contributions are made to VCF which is an approved 501c3 public charity. VCF then gifts the funds to the manager of the sponsored campaign.

Any charity, service organization or individual can initiate a campaign for a charitable or service cause. VCF operates very much like United Ways’ in accepting proposals, contributions and transfers to supported charities.

VCF credentializes the proposed purpose and recipient. We arrange with the recipient for posting the campaign, use of their name, trademarks,  logos and photos, campaign design and editing services, use of funds as proposed in the campaign, secure funds transfer protocols and other matters.  These procedures assure that contributions are deductible.

We ask for donations as part of each supporting action to cover our costs, currently estimated at less than fifteen percent of contributions. As is common practice and as allowed by law, VCF expenses of operation are deducted from contributions,

VCF normally transfers payments to sponsored campaigns via the automated clearing house.

VCF maintains several sections in its Donation component:


Community Charities is focused on campaign for 501c3 charitable organizations.

RotaryCLubCharities. Org is focused on campaigns for Rotary Clubs.


Please note that due to regulatory regulations VCF must have a written agreement with each charity or service organization. Please refer to Sample engagement letter. execution of the engagement letter is normally handled by email outside of this website.

However please note that VCF asserts that if an entity though its communications is activated to start a campaign and or receives funds from VCF it has agreed to the terms of the engagement agreement