Tips on Use


This page is designed to help explain how to use the donation site

When you opened the site you should be at home page.

You can always click RotaryCLubCharities to return to the home page.

To open more pages click on the "+" sign beside a tittle.

Then click on a subtitle to open the page or product.

Or click on a picture to the right fronting an actual campaign.

That will take you to the actual campaign explanation.

There maybe videos embedded in the page which you can run by clicking the arrow in the opening frame center.

There may be slide shows which you van view at your leisure buy clicking the bottom bar for forward and back.

If you wish t donate to a particular campaign return to the top of the page and click add to cart.or click "Add o Cart" at the bottom of the project explanation.

On the Cart page there are several donation option amounts you can chose.

There are also several quantity amounts you can select for each donation amount.For example you could select one $250 dollar item and one $!00 dollar item to give a gift of $350.

You can always return to more campaigns to support other charities.

We do not retain any payment information because we don't want to maintain any exposure to having that retained information being hacked on our site

You can also use the site to start a campaign.

You also can return to the the main site home page for other information.

You can also go to our Facebook page to get updates on our activities.

Please send us emails with questions we should be adding to FAQs or other pages, including this one.

When a Rotarian is making a contribution for matching funds for a Global Grant Project be sure to include your Rotary Club Name and your Rotary ID number. Your ID number can be found on the mailing label for Rotary magazine. It can also be found on your Rotary International website under "my Profile". Your Foundation chair can also give you that number. Entering that information will allow you and your club to get Paul Harris credit.